EMPTY THREAT: Oshiomole’s Fails With Move To Stop Governor Rochas In Imo Apc

With the newest strategy of APC Chairman, Com. Adams Oshiomole to use the threat of expulsion on Governor Rochas Okorocha, it has become clearly visible that the former NLC chairman has a vendetta on the Governor. However, Governor Rochas Okorocha still enjoys the wholesome support of the Imo people.

Starting with the anointing of Hope Uzodinma as the APC party flag bearer for the gubernatorial election despite the cry of Imolites and all court orders and injunctions, which were outrightly disregarded, it became clear that all Oshiomole wanted in Imo state was a candidate that can be controlled and manipulated by his caucus and will go any length to actualize his objective, even to the extent of framing and sabotaging the Governor. In his recent visit to Imo state, the chairman was unwittingly criticizing the performance of his party, APC in the state by claiming that nothing has been accomplished by an APC led administration. It clearly shows that Oshiomole is not a party man, but rather, a greedy and self-centred comrade. Oshiomole went further to set up another faction of APC party Excos in the state, in a bid to ruin the party structure in the state.
His latest move is the threat of expulsion of Governor Rochas Okorocha from the party. The move was borne out of frustration and anger. With his tenure as governor coming to an end by the end of May 2019, the governor has decided to further represent the people of Imo state in the Senate. This decision by Governor Rochas Okorocha has destabilized those who want to hijack APC and the Imo state government. This is because Oshiomole knows that with Governor Rochas in the APC picture and the massive love the people of Imo have for their governor, it will be impossible for Oshiomole to have his way. Oshiomole has obviously run of ideas.

Rochas Okorocha is a giant politician and has an enormous stronghold, not just in Imo state but also at the national level. Oshiomole is forgetting so soon that the position of National party chairman he enjoys today was because he got the endorsement and support of the Chairman, APC Governors Forum, Governor Rochas Okorocha –the man who he has now chosen to pick a fight with, a battle he has continuously lost, and is still losing. In Imo state, the governor is still held in the highest esteem for his great achievements in the past 7 and half years of his administration, transforming Imo state to the fastest growing state in the south east, and the third fastest in the country by statistics and GDP, falling behind FCT and Lagos. It is no wonder the governor is loved by all of Imo state. He completed more road projects and built more hospitals and schools than all the past governors of the state combined, and his free education system in Nigeria is not practiced anywhere else in the country despite not being the state with the highest revenue income.
The threat of expulsion holds no water. It is a mere figment of Adams Oshiomole’s distorted imagination. It was issued by an unrecognized faction of the APC in the state and the document was full of false accusations and concocted lies, quoting party constitutions that weren’t related. It is only a shame that Oshiomole would reduce himself to such a low level of depravity.

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